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Further Reading

See below for a range of articles written by GATE 6 consultants.

  • Protecting Proprietary Data without Compromising Regulatory Compliance by Bruce Bowland and Michael Foley, published in Contract Management, January 2010:  Joint ventures are becoming more popular in today's governement procurement marketplace, but they face unique challenges.  The use of business service integrators can help.
  • SBA Joint Venture Rules by Bruce Bowland and Michael Foley, published in Contract Management, February 2010: A review of the rule changes that allow small business cncernts to prime with large business subcontractors and other copperative opportunities.
  • Unpopulated Joint Venture/LLCs by Bruce Bowland, published in Contract Management, March 2010:  Considerations when forming or dissolving a contractor team arrangements
  • Look up in the sky!  Its an REA! Its a Claim!-No Its a Proposal! by Bruce Bowland and Michael Foley, published in Contract Management, December 2011: Differences between a proposal, an REA, and a Claim.
  • DCAA Gestapo Audit Tactics by Bruce Bowland, published in The GATE Post, Volume II, Issue 1,  August 2009;  Observed distrubing DCAA trends.
  • FERC and Transmission  Project Management Best Practices by James Graham and Michael Foley, July 2013;  Considerations for electric utilities to increase project exection proficiency and optimize recovery of costs for transmission infrastructure capital projects.
  • Administration of Unpopulated JV/LLCs by Bruce Bowland and Michael Foley in Volume 1 Issue 4 of The GATE POST, September 2009; Solutions to address challenges faced by Un-populated LLCs.
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